Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Science Fair Project Proposal Sheet Due Mon. Oct. 27 (b), Tue. Oct. 28 (a)

This assignment is to fill out the whole Project Proposal Sheet.

The full research paper is due the week of Nov. 17th and the poster and presentation are due the week of Nov. 25th. This proposal is just the first step in the process of starting your project.

If you have trouble, contact me or get help from your AVID teacher, another science teacher, a librarian or a friend or family member.

Tips for choosing a project:

When you do your proposal, be sure to first think about what interests YOU. If you like sports, think about a project that has to do with sports. If you love music, try to think about something that has to do with music or sound. Once you have some of your own ideas, then do some research about other projects that might help you figure out how to design your own experiment. BE ORIGINAL!! BE QUANTITATIVE!!

Here are some science fair links to help you research project ideas. You can use the NGHS library during lunch or after school and I encourage you to use your Chicago Public Library as well. Not only can you use the computers there, but the librarians may be able to suggest good books, magazines and other resources.

This link is to my science fair web page. It has instructions, ideas and links to other sites. This is the best link for you to get started. Remember you can always e-mail me with questions at

Here are a few other links that may be useful.

As you do your research be sure to WRITE DOWN ALL SOURCES YOU USE. This included the FULL URL (web address) of any site you use.

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