Friday, April 8, 2011

Lorenzo's Oil RAFT assignment - Due Tuesday 4-12-11

Write a letter to Lorenzo's doctor. 

Role - Lorenzo’s parents (Michaela or Augosto Odone) 
Audience -  Dr. Nikolias who put the ALD boys on the no-fat diet to see if that would help their symptoms.
Format - A business letter
Topic - Why ALD boys need to not just stay on the low-fat diet, but need to start taking “Lorenzo’s Oil” (use evidence to convince Dr. Nikolias that boys MUST start taking the special oil you've discovered.)

Use the following underlined words in your letter.

Adrenolukodystrophy (ALD)
Long Chain Fatty Acids (C24 and C26)
Lorenzo’s Oil is made of Oleic Acid (C18) and Erucic Acid (C22)

The letter should be typed or written very neatly using standard English grammar.  You can see instructions for and an examples of business letters at the following links.

You may make up the doctor's address and your own return address. Be sure to put your real name and class period somewhere on the letter, since I can't give credit to Michaela or Agusto Odone. 

You can find out more about ALD at the following sites: