Sunday, April 22, 2012

Honors Bio - How We Live & Why We Die Ch.3 Presentations due Friday

How We Live & Why We Die: The Secret Lives of Cells  Presentation Assignment

(scroll down for helpful links.)

Chapter 3:  “How We Live” Group Presentation Project

This is a great book, but it could really use some illustrations and more understandable explanations. Your assignment is to select a chunk of chapter 3 and make a short PowerPoint presentation to illustrate and explain it.

Team Roles 
Team Leader/Manager (keeps team on track)
Research Coordinator  (finds info and checks facts)
Graphic Designer (ensures clear and persuasive visuals)
Lead Writer (creates persuasive and professional text)

General Instructions:
  • Your group of 4 students will create 2 slides per person PLUS one title slide and one resources slide. (total of 10 slides per group)
  • SAVE YOUR WORK early and often.
  • Name your file in THIS format: Group01_HowWeLive_HonBio_Per01.ppt
  • This file name shows your group #, assignment name, class and period#
  • You may use information and images from the web, but you must record the full URL of the website from which you got the information on your resources slide.
  • If you find video clips that work, you may link to them or download them and embed them into your presentation.
  • Your slides must be READABLE from the back of the room. Use high resolution images and don’t use any fonts smaller than 30 point. Be careful about your graphic design so images don’t interfere with text. Don’t put too much text on any slide.
  • When presenting do not read off your notes or slide – you should speak confidently about your topic and present more information than is on your slide.
  • Make eye contact, speak loudly and clearly, know your stuff, be able to answer questions.
  • 3 minutes before the bell rings, save your work again and e-mail it to me AND every member of your team. My e-mail is
  • You will need to do work between this class and the next, so make sure each team member knows what to do and exchange e-mails / phone numbers so you can coordinate.
  • Presentations will begin at 8:45 next class which is Friday. 

Group 1 – Proteins pp. 27-28
Group 2 - Preparation for Cell Division pp. 28 – 29
Group 3 – Control of Cell Division pp. 29 – 30
Group 4 – DNA Replication pp. 30-32
Group 5 – Mitosis pp. 32-34
Group 6 – Energy in the Cell pp. 34-36
Group 7 – Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) pp. 36-38
Group 8 – Evolution, Genes and Cell Death pp. 39-41

Helpful Links - You should do your own searches too, but I have previewed these links and think they will be helpful to you.

The Kahn Academy has information about most topics

DNA Replication

Energy in the Cell


Evolution, Genes and Cell Death

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

GATTACA - The ethics of genetic engineering...

Finish your GATTACA movie viewing guide if you did not do so in class.

You can find the film on Netflix at  and you may be able to find it on YouTube or other video sites. If you missed it in class and you can't access it online or rent it, you can set up a time after school to watch it in room 125.

Mitosis - How somatic cells divide and reproduce

All Cells Come from Other Cells! 

Mitosis is the process of cell division for eukaryotic cells found in multicellular organisms.  All cells come from existing cells and mitosis is how most cells divide. The only eukaryotic cells which do not divide by mitosis are sex cells a.k.a. gametes a.k.a sperm and egg cells.

             The following links are to sites which can help you understand how mitosis works. The sites combine images, text and animation. Look at each site to best understand how the process works.