Monday, January 25, 2016

Climate Research Project

Links - Here are some links to get you started... you can search for other links, but be sure they are reputable.

You will use the internet to research the following:

1. What is causing climate change?

2. What effects is climate change having on humans?

3. How can we reduce the negative effects of climate change?


This is our schedule for our classes, but you should also work on this outside of class. I’m

available every day after school if you need Chromebooks or help.

• Mon – Research using Chromebooks.

• Tues and Wed - Create a way to show your research to the class.

– Presentation

– Poster

– Song, Rap, Performance

– Brochure

• Thursday – Present

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Photosynthesis Virtual Lab

This is just an image... read the rest of the post to find the virtual lab.

In this lab you will be using a computer simulation to test out different variables to see how they affect the rate of photosynthesis.
En este laboratorio va a utilizar una simulación por ordenador para probar diferentes variables para ver cómo afectan a la tasa de fotosíntesis.

The virtual lab is here.

Use the handout to keep track of your experiments and your data.
Utilice el folleto para mantener un registro de sus experimentos y sus datos. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Identifying Microorganisms

In this activity you will use MULTIPLE websites to try to identify some of the microorganisms you are observing in your sample of pond water. 
This is just a picture... you can get ideas from it, but you need to use the websites below to try to identify what you see in your pond water. 
Use the following websites to help you identify as many of the organisms you can see in our pond water sample as possible. Draw detailed diagrams of the organisms you see and draw a comparison diagram from one of the websites.

You MUST try to identify the organisms you see in your water sample by using the images and descriptions you find on the websites. Take a look at several of the websites before you decide what you think the organisms are.

Pond Water Critters ID page

Pond Life ID kit

Virtual Pond Dip

AAAS Pond Water A Closer Look

Pond 2 – Life in a drop of Pond Water

Once you think you've identified a microorganism you may search for other images or videos of it online to confirm your identification.

For example: 

Also try to identify any organelles you can in the microorganisms you observe. You may see nuclei or flagella or other organelles.
Flash Animation of Cells to DNA – Compares Eukaryotic cells to bacteria and zooms from chromosomes to chromatin to dna.

Cell Size and Scale - interactive