Sunday, August 31, 2008

"What is Science" Essay - Assignment #1

Your first assignment is to write a 5 paragraph essay that explains YOUR VIEWS about science. Read all these directions carefully before starting to write, then refer back to them several times as you write.

Due: Mon. Sept. 8 (A day) or Tues. Sept. 9 (B day) at the beginning of your class period.

The essay should be typed if possible. If typing is not possible you may hand write it very neatly in blue or black pen. Typed essays should use 12 point TIMES font. You may turn in the essay on paper, or e-mail it to me as a WORD doc (non-Vista). If you e-mail it please put your full name, biology class period and "Science Essay" in the SUBJECT LINE of your e-mail. My e-mail address is

Please include your full heading in the upper right corner of each page of your paper. The heading should include, your FULL name, Biology Period #, and the date you turn in the assignment.

Essay title:
"What I think about Science"

The first paragraph is an introduction. Include a topic sentence describing your ideas about what science is, then explain why people do science, how people do science, and your opinion about whether science is mostly good or bad.

The second paragraph
should start with a topic sentence about what science is and why people do it and then give about three DETAILS and/or EXAMPLES of what science is and why people do it.

The third paragraph
should start with a topic sentence and then give about three details and/or examples of how people do it. One or more of the examples could be about how YOU have done science in the past.

The fourth paragraph should start with a topic sentence and then explain in more detail why you think science is either mostly good or mostly bad. Give at least two examples that back up your opinion.

The fifth paragraph
is a conclusion. It should start with a topic sentence that explains what you think science is (in different words from the one in your introduction.) Then restate (in different words) the two or three most important points you made in your essay in a convincing way.

How will this be graded?

You will get up to 20 points for this assignment.
Addressing ALL parts of the essay as described in the assignment = 10 points
Describing your ideas in clear, interesting and creative ways = 5 points
Neatness, grammar, spelling, correct heading = 5 points.

Papers turned in after the deadline will have 5 points deducted for each class period they are late. Academic dishonesty is very serious. Any papers which are copied from other students or websites will receive a zero and your parents will be contacted.

Please keep in mind that since this essay is about what YOU THINK, there are no "right" or "wrong" answers. The purpose of this assignment is to let me get to know what you think about science and to give me an idea about the strengths and weaknesses of your writing and thinking skills.

If you have any questions please e-mail me or see me after school in room 125 or 121.